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  Fun Car But it hasn’t got one of those. The presence of this glacier is evidence that, rather than being hotter, summers in the southern hemisphere are actually cooler than in the northern hemisphere. In fact, on average, they’re a full four degrees Celsius cooler, despite the added boost that perihelion gives to the southern hemisphere summer. So something else is at work here, counteracting the effects of perihelion. To discover what it is, I’m heading back out to sea. Well, we’re now out in the open ocean and, I have to say, if you’re not a sailor, and I’m not it makes you feel very small… Whoo! ..a little bit scared and quite sick. We’re sailing in the Southern Ocean where strong winds and icebergs have made these waters notorious as a sailor’s graveyard. This is a very exposed stretch of water. To the west is the Pacific Ocean, whilst to the east is the Atlantic. To the south, the nearest land mass is Antarctica. It’s the very vastness of this expanse of water that’s the reason why summers in the southern hemisphere are so cool.