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do some good. Yes. So it’s that sort of Goya. Romanov. That painted lady you’ve been searching for, I believe she may be in play. I want that painting. Johanna! Alastair. So glad you called. I’ve asked for a Chardonnay. That is your drink, isn’t it? Oh, you remembered. Thank you. Oh, God. How thoughtless of me. You’re on duty. And in charge, thank you very much. To what do I owe the pleasure? I was just in the neighborhood and thought I’d pop ’round, and see how you secret agent men run the world. Not nearly. Although it is terribly vital work. It’s not all chardonnay and afternoon trysts. Is this a tryst? No, no. No, no, no. No, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no. No, no, no, no. No, no, no. No, I was just game Of course you were. How are things at home? You’ve touched a nerve. You’ve sensed it, Alastair. You always were the sensitive one. You’ve got a difficult chap. Beastly. Bit of a moron, actually. Maybe I should have an affair. Wouldn’t that be funny? Hilarious. Do you think I could keep it a secret? Yes! Well then, what’s the point? Now, tell me, what are you and my husband working on at the moment? Oh game Well, in vague terms there’s a very bad man who wants what I want, and I’m trying to stop him. And what does a missing Goya have to do with national security? In vague terms. Johanna game You think poor Miss Fellworthy stumbled into something, and that’s why she got killed. I really can’t say. This is interesting. Creates quite a market when a painting with a little mystery goes missing. So much to do. What was the name of Bronwen’s college at Oxford? Johanna, I simply can’t. Right. Sorry. Oh, golly. Look at the time. I really must be going. It was lovely to see you, Alastair. Thank you eversomuch for letting me confide in you. I feel that I could share anything with you. Don’t you feel the same? That you could share with me? Bronwen’s college? You’re rather monstrous. Of course you’re aware of that. Blackfriar’s Hall. We must do this again. Hopeless. Besides being the finest garage man in Western Civilization,