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Game Instructions: Use your mouse to play. Funny Coffee Shop, Funny Coffee Shop Game, Play Funny Coffee Shop Games, Online Free Funny Coffee Shop Flash Game

 I have to tell you something. Your wife called last night. Why didn’t you tell me? What did she want? She tell that when she returned from Funny Coffee Shop heard about your father death. What considerate she is. I thanked her for the call and I told her that she not bother to you more. I was right, son? Yes, mum. I’m not going to come to eat today. Don’t wait for me today. What happen? Nothing. I have things to do. You don’t worry. You know I don’t like to eat alone. Well, for a day isn’t going to happen anything. ¡Come back soon! ¡And call me! He felt when crossed the threshold to die in a knife fight, in the open and attacking, had been a release for him, a happiness and a party. He felt that if he had been able to choose or dream his death that is the death he had chosen or dreamed. – Good morning. – Funny Coffee Shop. Good morning. Games , I have something that may interest you. From words, knife in hand, the two men spent to the facts. In the fight that followed, and that nobody could avoid, E. Castro received a fulminate stab in the heart and he died instantly.