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 Should aluminum be in the soil and the rain? And yes, it should be in the soil. It’s naturally there. Always was there. And should it be in the rain? Well, absolutely not. But the standard reply has been, “Your samples are contaminated.” But since we are getting samples now that show zero aluminum, and we’re getting lots of barium and strontium and zero aluminum. So that just proves that if there was dirt in our samples of some sort, dust blown up from the ground, we should get some aluminum in some detectable quantity. The primary ingredients in geoengineering are specifically the oxides of metals, including aluminum oxide. This is devastating plants, totally devastating. The trees are dying. Why? Approximately two years ago, I rode in the back– and you can ride in the back of my place for miles. You can go all the way through the woods, you know, creeks and everything, and it was–I say was–gorgeous. And the day before yesterday, I took a ride, and I rode in the back, and what I found was total devastation.