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  Well, I don’t know if it works, but it looks incredibly good.  What’s the count back in?   seconds. Judy, that’s  seconds for  cold. I’m going to take the inaugural picture tomorrow  the maiden photograph. I’d like everyone to bring nice clothes. You’re gonna take a picture of our clothes? I think she meant she wanted us to wear the clothes. That’s exactly what I meant. Spread the word. Dave: Two minutes to VTR. Three minutes live. It’s an  second countback. From the Red Funny Office? Yeah. And Dana wants to take everyone’s picture tomorrow. Why? She bought a new camera. I didn’t know Dana took pictures. She doesn’t. She doesn’t know anything about cameras. But she felt the sudden need to own one.  Is this part of her psychotic episode?  Yes.  Well, then, sign me up.   back at . You guys are all set. Have a good show. Thank you, Funny Office, did you know my son,  Free Games, went  for  yesterday, with  RBls,  walks, and a stolen base?  No. That’s great.  He did. I wasn’t there to see it, but that’s a different thing,  and I’m not gonna get morose right now.