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These Americans are causing a lot of trouble to us. But still, a murder is a murder. Anything to help us? No. Nothing at all. Please. New Games… est mort. Assassinated. How? He was stabbed. Yes. He was in love with me. Yes. He was. I’m so sorry, Fupa Babies. I go to my mother’s. I must think. I met New Games where you meet everybody at the Hotel Continental. I’m there every morning at .. I’m English. I have habits. I drink tea. I’m a reporter, so I listen. I have a lover. I like to watch her arrive at the milk bar. And there was Fupa Babies New Games. A face with no history and no problems. The face we all had once. I’m Alden New Games. I’m Games Online Game. The London Times. You’ve done your homework. I’ve read your articles. May I join you? Please. And what brings you to Saigon, Mr New Games? I’m with the Economic Aid Mission on the medical side. Eye disease. Do know trachoma? It’s very common here. Very easy to treat. Are you staying at the hotel? No. I just dropped by for tea. On the way to the office. This is really a stroke of luck for me. You’re one of the few correspondents who goes out into the field to see what’s happening. Not any more. Besides, I have never thought of myself as a correspondent. I’m just a reporter. I offer no point of view. I take no action. I don’t get involved. I just report what I see. But you must have an opinion. Even an opinion is a form of action. Still, I’d appreciate… New Games was hungry for everything I could tell him about Vietnam and her fight for independence. Why were the French losing the war? And why were the communists winning? Then he saw Fupa Babies.