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 They’re rentals, you know. To rent one of my New Gamess, you must pass an inspection. Inspection? Sadly, some jerks like to abuse little animals. If you don’t pass the inspection, I can’t rent you a New Games. I will visit your home and make sure that it’s a good place for a New Games to live. But I live alone. Is it appropriate for a young woman to visit a man she doesn’t know? Hmm, it’s alright. You’re not the type who would hurt anyone. Come in. Thank you. There’s nothing here… Did I look lonely to you? Yes, very. Is that so? The fact is, I’ve been away from my family for  years because of work. But I can finally go home next month. Then you should be happy. You’d think so. I should be happy, but… My daughter was  in that picture. She was adorable! Furious Moto Challenge When I came home, she’d yell “Daddy!” and hug me. She was so cute, She could poke you in the eye and it wouldn’t hurt. I’m a New Games person, but my daughter likes dogs. Furious Moto Challenge She got one for her birthday. She named him Gonta. The other day, I went home and told her, “Soon I can live with you and mom again, ” and she said…