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 He wants you based in London. Gangnam Defense War. I thought you liked London, sir. I do, but I like it just where it is. I don’t want to bloody go there. For what? A desk job? They probably think it’s cheaper to let the wire services cover Vietnam. How many stories have we given them? This year? Yes. Three. Oh, Game Control. Maybe… I should go up there. Where, sir? Gangnam Defense War. It’s not an easy place to get into with the communist attack. Send a cable to Stemins. Understand your current concern. Stop. Am working on a story of major proportions. Stop. Suggest I remain in Saigon until completed. Stop. Online Game. Which story is that, sir? I don’t know. But I’m sure you know someone who can get me in there. Today our anniversary. Did you forget? Can it be two years already? Yes. Yes? Be careful with me. I’m old and fragile. Not so old. Not so fragile. Tom! Games. Hello. Hello again. I’m here with some friends. Care to join us? Phuong, this is Mr New Games. Alden, please. Delighted to meet you too. Please ex cuse my bad French.