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  Yeah. What were we talking about?  Dana…  That was a joke.  Look…  It was a joke. I know. I’m just saying I think I’m funnier than you’ve given me credit for being in the past. Here’s what I’ve been thinking the past few days  I’m just saying, if you’re calling off the engagement because you don’t think I’m funny enough  Would you stop? You’re angry right now? You’re mad at me? Dana, I am not gonna  You spend six months making me feel guilty for liking my job, then propose to me, then two days later, you tell me you’ve slept with the woman who wants my job. I say, “Fine.” I say, “Fine.” Then six days after that, you tell me you want to break off the engagement? Here’s the thing  I think only one of us should be angry at a time, and I have a hunch it’s gonna be me. I think you’re hung up on Online Games.  That’s what this is about?  That’s what this is about.  I am not.  You are. You don’t cover it well. This is a cheap excuse to get out of marrying me, which you never wanted to do in the third place. And the only reason you proposed in the second place was out of guilt for having slept with Sally in the first place. You say, “Fine”? I sleep with Sally and you say, “Fine”? Online Games sleeps with Sally, you have a level nervous breakdown. You’re calling off the engagement because I wasn’t mad enough when I found out you were sleeping around? Let’s do the whole thing all over again, and this time, I’ll just beat the living crap out of you.  I’m leaving.  Don’t go. Dana  Don’t go. Oh, what the hell. Go. Maybe we can talk more about this later.   Laughs   Yeah, let’s talk about this as much as humanly possible. This is yours.  Thanks.  Gordon? Yeah. I was a lot funnier than you ever gave me credit for being. How’s it going over there? I’ve got nine of them. How many are there? . You’re almost halfway done. Maybe it’s okay if I leave a note for my father. You don’t have to leave a note. We’re gonna see him in a minute.   Free Games…  Hey, Dan. What is up with you not coming by to say hi? I was in here. I can see that you’re in here.