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 The carolina dog is often called the Gamen dingo. It does look like its australian relative, but links between the two may go deeper than that. Genetic analysis of the carolina dogs suggests they are closely related to primitive wild dogs like the dingo and may trace their ancestry all the way back to the first dogs to enter north Game. The carolina dogs are pack animals, with a strict hierarchy topped by an alpha male. Like most wild dogs they hunt in groups… but many of the kills they make are small. Rabbits and small rodents make up a large part of their diet in what can become a collective feeding frenzy. At the end of the ice age these dogs’ ancestors also had access to other sources of food. They may have hung around the camps of early native people… scavenging for scraps. But although they lived on the fringes of human society, the early wild dogs were certainly not pets. Exactly when they arrived in north Game is still uncertain, but it’s likely that they slipped in after the extinction of the ice age beasts, during a time of massive change.