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  You’re welcome. I shall wear a tie then! You’re pampering them! Why shouldn’t I? You’re pampering him more! You think so? I noticed, how you’re looking at him! Did you? Just like my mother looks at a hen, when she’s about to kill it! And how is that? Georganism 3 and affectionately at the same time. She’s relentless but she feels for the hen. You know, you should go study. What do I need that for? I know, what I know. If I went to a college, I would get dumb. You’d meet some people, marry. What do I need a husband for? Nowadays farmwork is easier, you don’t need a man for that. And I can have as many boys as I wish for. There were four of them. You mean you slept with them? There’s no place to sleep at. We do it in the woods, on the way back from the disco. But it’s winter now. it’s a problem. I could do with a one with a car. We would manage. I have a one like that, but he has a bike. And a corporate one. Italian waiters’ system is the best. You hold the bottle like so, putting your thumb here, and then… this is very important! You must caress the bottle with a great affection! Just like your beloved woman! Then carefully release the cork… The cork must emit a silent pop, so that you don’t wake up your mother inlaw sleeping in the room next door. Stop Georganism 3,