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I don’t want that for them. SOBS They’re my babies. MAGGIE SOBS CAM: I know. Our babies. Alright, Amelia. Go to goal. Go to goal. Nice shot, Amelia! WOMAN: OK, go for goal. OK, now shoot! CAM: Nice shot, Amelia’s friend! How come your dad always comes to practice? He’s got nothing else to do. Hmm. CAMERA CLICKS Daddy, Annie invited me for a sleepover. Can I go? Please? And Fifi asked me to go with her to the movies. But I finally convinced Eliot Perkins to let us use his boat. I thought we could have a picnic on the river. It’s too late to go out on a boat. It’s :. I really want to go to Annie’s. Maybe Annie wants to take a ride down the river. Daddy. Serious. She lives in Boston. How many times has she gotten a ride home on a boat? She takes the T. What about Fifi? Think she’d like to have a nice picnic on a boat? Her mom’s picking her up in minutes. Please can I go? You’ll never find a more beautiful boat on a more perfect day to be out on the river! Well, I guess I’ll just tell the Charles River to go itself. Well, I have heard the Charles River’s a real asshole. CHUCKLES ‘Bye, Daddy. ‘Bye, Daddy. AMELIA: We love you. CAM: OK. ‘Bye. My darlings, I’m so proud of you. So is Mommy. Why? We just are. BOTH: ‘Bye! I love you! Don’t do that. Do what? Watch us walk away. I was just watching you walk. Please don’t. Why? You make us feel bad. I don’t want you to feel bad. Yes, you do! That’s why you stand there looking pathetic! I was watching you walk across the field, for Christ’s sake! It’s allowed! Daddy. We are walking away now. And we are not turning around. We are not looking back. I’m not asking you to. FAITH: Love you, Daddy. Goodbye. We love you. Goodbye.