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Ghostbombers Sniper It was last year. He wrote thank you that he would come to see us soon. I don’t know where to find him. Actually, I don’t know him at all. I want a candy. I had only one. You’ll get one from me now, you little cadger! Where is the Information? You should say “information office”. But I don’t know where it is. Where is the information office? Somewhere around here. Nobody knows anything here! Where is the information office? Oh, no idea. Where is the information office? No idea. Where is the information office? No idea. Children Game Children Game Children Game The information counter is in the booking office. I missed my train at this station two years ago. You have to go there. Go. Or you can stay at my place for the night. No, thank you. We’re in a hurry. What about me? I’m from Kherson. Can I stay at your place? Good. Like this, yes. Miss? When does the Odessa train arrive? Yes. The Odessa train is minutes late. I like it. Is the Moscow train arriving on time? On schedule. Children? Hello. Are you going to ask your question? Go ahead. Hello, will you please tell us where Alexei Bogdanov is? He works here. Bogdanov. Sweetie, I give information on arrivals and departures only. Just tell him to come here, we’ll wait. Go to Counter . Kyiv to Lviv, arrives when? Watch the schedule, please. minutes maintenance break. We have no watch! We’ll be checking it out. When is the MoscowUzhgorod train coming? You hurt me! I knew you hadn’t put on your warm winter boots on purpose. They pinch me! No, you just don’t like them. Yes. They’re ugly and I don’t like them. But they’re warm and sturdy, and you would have to wear them all my life. I hate it when they give you a bigger size “to allow for growth”. At first they’re loose, and when you grow into them, they’re only fit to be thrown away. What’s this stink? It’s the jacket Game Did you like it? I did, but passengers are complaining. About what? About the smell! Excuse me. He doesn’t like the smell, you see. Our Bethlehem is full of ragged, barefoot beggars. Where are the Magi?