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This lake is a lifesaver for these mastodons. It provides more than water. As there are few trees to browse on, water plants are a valuable source of nutrition. For some of these mastodons it’s a temporary visit they will move on in search of open forests once they are well fed. The search for food and water has brought a new arrival these people have used rivers to move inland from the coast. This is the natural home of caribou and woolly mammoth both tempting prey for these people. They hunt smaller creatures too and use their fur for clothing to keep out the wind and cold. These people bring many other skills and are highly adaptable. But to most of the animals that live here, they are a new, unknown quantity. As the ice begins to lose its grip, the land is in a state of flux and many different creatures mix. The open grassy plains are favoured by mammoth herds. But these mammoths have to share the lake with mastodons their smaller cousins. While some of these mastodons are migrants, travelling onwards searching for fresh forests to browse. For this old bull, at nearly  years of age, this is the last stop. Weary and arthritic, he bears the scars of his long, arduous life. The scimitar – a lion-sized cat is never far away from mastodons and mammoths. Although slighter in build than its relative the sabre-tooth, the scimitar is the biggest predator of north Game’s elephants. Right now, though, opportunities are rare even a scimitar cannot attack an adult in its prime. But older animals, such as this feeble bull, could be potential targets. A long and eventful life is drawing to a close. Bull mastodons live most of their lives alone, but in their final hours they seem to attract company. For a scimitar a mastodon near death is a temptation worth pursuing. But mastodons, like many elephants, are fiercely protective of the dying. For the scimitar, the mastodon’s slow death becomes a waiting game. The mastodon has died in peace, and now the scimitar has got his meal a feast that soon attracts further attention. There’s far more meat than this cat needs, but it’s still loathe to let in others.