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 Go Farm IV or thought to be one of the things that might limit production of crops throughout the tropics. And so there are some questions of tradeoffs, of, you know, when– if you think you’re gonna benefit many people and harm some people, how do you deal with this issue of equity, and what– I mean, what are the options for dealing with that? A really interesting thing that I’ve found is that the E.P.A. has concluded that incidents of heat stress, drought, flooding, cold, any type of abiotic stress is on the increase. And loss due to that is going to double by . Then you put yourself up as the solution. So when all of this weather comes and wipes you out, or you have a drought problem, “Oh, drought? We’ve got the seed for you. “Here is our drought-tolerant corn, just for you, “and it’ll solve your problems. “Oh, by the way, you have to sign this agreement, “this -page agreement, “so that when you go ahead and plant these seeds, you now belong to Monsanto.” The weather disasters seem to be directly correlated to an increase in Monsanto’s sales.