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Games on the west coast of north Game one of the world’s most high tech cities, it draws thousands of workers and visitors every day. But how did the very first travellers get here and what would they have seen? When people first set foot in the northwest they were to encounter some of the most impressive beasts ever seen on the continent. Using clues from the present to revisit the past, we reconstruct life in the far northwest at the end of the ice age and discover how people and animals came face to face at the edge of the ice. As we shall see from evidence left behind, people were present in north Game , years ago. But how did they travel here and where did they come from? The answers may lie in the northwest region of the continent. In this programme we uncover clues not only to a journey taken by people, but to a wilderness that they became part of a wilderness that no longer exists. In doing so we get a glimpse of the life and death encounters in this corner of the continent at the end of the ice age. Go Go Santa 2 And we reveal how the northwest offered people a route into north Game, which until recently was thought impossible. It happened just as the huge ice sheets that covered most of the continent were breaking up sometimes with a devastating impact on the people and animals living in the shadow of the ice. Today we can examine the evidence of that dramatic era using it to recreate the landscape and the wildlife of the distant past. Bones and fossils can also tell us about the lives of the first people. To get a picture of how much this region of the continent has changed since the end of the ice age we must look at the present day landscape of the northwest. Today this area is home to some of the world’s most spectacular temperate rainforest ranging , miles from modern day Games up into alaska. The Go Go Santa 2 northwest thrives on water more than three metres of rain falls every year to swell the forest rivers. Mist and fog are as important to these coastal forests as rain. All this moisture helps produce some of the planet’s tallest trees towering  metres above the ground.