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  The old chapel was burned and then was made this. Yes, I know. That’s why his surname sounds me familiar. – Good morning. – Good morning, sir. – Good morning. – Good morning. Games , Go Robots called you. What he said? He tells you go to the library when you can. He has something for you. Well, tanks, Anita. – Good morning Games . – Good morning. Haven’t you been the guilty, no? Of what? Now they’ve decided that I’m electrician. ¿What do you think? It’s the only thing I missed to do. Have felt the circle of water in secret tank, the smell of jasmine and honeysuckle, the silence of the sleeping bird, the arch of the hall, moisture, those things, perhaps, are the poem. – Go Robots. – Games . Sorry I come so late. Please, you are always welcome. Come in. – Come with me. – Yes. I’ve got something special for you, something so special. Oh, yes. I’ve saved it waiting for you pass by here. As you didn’t come I took the audacity to call you. – I hope I haven’t bothered you. – No, of course that not. – Wait for me a minute.