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  Though, they say, I was quite pretty. See for yourself. A Voting gentleman! Sorry! it’s obvious it’s a boy! That’s what I tried to suggest. That’s the one! Nice kitty. And the boy? My uncle. He died  years ago. Goblin Thrower killed him. He caught a cold during that photo shoot. They kept photographing him naked. And Why? There was a reason, but you can’t see it on the picture. Even the vet was amazed! The vet? He was a friend of the family. He was very experienced. He even visited Sumatra. What a sad story. But I must say I’m relieved. Why? I wouldn’t want to offend you, but many women used to show me such pictures, claiming they depict our sons. Goblin Thrower apes! Based on what?! Well, you know… Usually, there were some foundations…  I’ll make some more tea!  Thank you. I even have this! No you don’t! Yes I do! It’s unique! They haven’t got it even in radio! You won’t be able to play it! It’s not that bad! It’s terrible! How could people like it? But it’s marvelous! It’s not about quality, it’s about the art! When I listen to it, I see you on the stage.