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a window and grab us some plates? Hey Miles. Hey we got a positive ID on the vics. No surprise. Holezers are our BBRs. That was fast. Yeah, well, local media caught wind of this, so. I just wanted to make sure you had answers for the cameras in the morning. And? MILES Did you get anything from the girl yet? You want me earning my paycheck MUMBLING? That bad? Yeah, even for a kid who’s been through a lot there’s something really weird about her. Is that your professional opinion Dr. Stewart? Ha-ha. Ah, she freaks you out, so, maybe we MUMBLING. Maybe I should slap the cuffs on her. See, MUMBLING press conference. Funny. Are you gonna stop by McCaffrey’s for a pint? A pint? As in singular? Yeah, and a shot. Maybe two. Any chance you’d join me? Go home to your wife, Miles. There’s a thought. I gotta go. MILES Hey, MUMBLING. Well I’ll be sure to stop by the church in the morning and MUMBLING. Ha, all right, good night Rachel. Bye. CALMING MUSIC DOOR KNOCKING OMINOUS MUSIC MAN Can I help you? Hi I’m Tammy Miller from and this is Jenny from . Hi. We’re just letting folks know we’re putting together a canned food drive this year to help some of the lower income families. Sorry, I can’t help you. – TAMMY What if you just game – off! FOREBODING MUSIC VOICEOVER And that is how Santa is gonna come and bring you all a bunch of presents for Christmas Eve. GROWLING Birth name Zoe Weaver. Picture’s over two years old and she hasn’t aged a day. FOREBODING MUSIC Krampus. Krampus, the Christmas devil. Originally found in Alpine folklore he’s a horned anthropomorphic figure who punishes wicked children during the holiday season. Contrary to the different variations of Saint Nicholas, or Santa Claus who is said to reward good children, Krampus is sent to punish the evil ones. OMINOUS MUSIC What the ? COUGHING Ah, ! SCREAMING GROWLING SCEAMING ANTICIPATING MUSIC DOOR KNOCKING LAMAR Mom! What sweetheart? LAMAR There’s a drunk cop at the door. What? Really? What? What are you doing here? I was just, I was in the neighborhood and then I game