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  Hunters. Resourceful, imaginative, determined. They seem to hold all the aces. So what can you do if you’re the one being hunted? beneath this tree lives a tiny creature called a sengi. Golf with Mom And she has a plan. One needing speed, agility, and a very good memory. She’s cleared an intricate network of trails all around her territory. And she’s memorized every twist and turn of this maze. Golf with Mom And here’s why. dramatic music The monitor lizard is very fast in short bursts. but she’s the one with the agility to take the tight corners. dramatic music And she makes the most of home advantage. She’s not only outrun the lizard, she’s outwitted him. insects buzzing Home safe, in time to suckle her baby. Her escape plan has kept them both alive. For every hunter who thinks he’s invincible, there’s an escape artist to gladden your heart. soft music Meet the pebble toad. And his sworn enemy, the toad-eating tarantula. The pebble toad has no armour. He crawls very slowly and hopping is quite beyond him. On the face of it, no contest.