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Goll South Africa You’re very welcome. There’s this, too. Merry Christmas. That is awesome. I didn’t get you anything. It’s okay. Sorry. I didn’t Game ‘Tis better to give than to receive. I didn’t want to Game I don’t know what the threshold is for Game Sorry. This is Game Thank you. You’re welcome. It’s really cool. Yeah? Yeah. Good. I’m excited. And it’s in a paper bag. Yes. That’s awesome. You’re Game You like it? I figured you’d been writing so much, so it’s a good little place to keep it. You got a mespecific Game You put thought into it. It’s a very fancy pen. Sorry. It’s okay. Come here. Come here. What? Just grab it. Just grab it. Just hold it. Sorry. Yeah, like that. Just hold it still. Just Game Like what? Just hold it still. You don’t need to Game Move it? I’m sorry. Move it. I’m sorry. Okay. Harder. Sorry, it’s a little too hard. Sorry. That’s fine. No, no. It’s a stupid thing. It’s a stupid thing I like. Just, try. Okay. I just wanted to see if Game Just an experiment. Just an experiment. Now we learned that that’s not my thing. That’s totally fine. Are you sure? Yeah. We can practice. I’ll do it better. You practiced on somebody else? No. I practiced on Stanley. On Mister Pants. I said, “Come here, Mister Pants. And let me pull your hair.” Thank you. I thought we’d be done. Is that stupid? With the book? Yeah, with the book. It’s stupid. Ten days? I don’t know. I mean, yesterday I realized, it probably wasn’t gonna happen. Yesterday? Yes. Yesterday you were like, “You know what? I think we have a good pages left. “I don’t think we’re gonna get it done in hours.” I didn’t know. Jenny. You’re so cute. You’re so excited. I love it. I thought we were gonna cram. I don’t know. Your crazy excitement, where you think we’re gonna finish a book in days, has been something that’s really Game It’s given me a lot of vitality that I didn’t have before. I wasn’t feeling excited about writing. I feel excited about this ’cause it’s fun. I feel excited about my other book. Thank you. You made me feel stuff, too. I’ll take it. But I can’t Game I’m gonna just Game