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lt’s more than political. lt’s revolutionary. Nevertheless, someone at the Chamber of Commerce should have been told. Look, our photographer. What is he up to? l’ll be right there. Wait. What’s this, a disguise? lt’s the newest thing, Professor. lf you want to stay in business, you follow the trend. Uh, leave it there. Thank you. Are we leaving? That’s right. Ah. As soon as we’re ready. And where are we going? Darmina. Darmina. lt’s an obsession. But why? To the south, the south. Oh, yes, as far away as possible from those pigs in their black shirts. This takes you even farther. Even farther south. Cocaine? Oh, l’d like to try some. Let me try some. Why do you cut it like game Shh. To the novice. Oh! What a tragedy! What a waste, you mean. Oh! A little more. Here. Ah, ah, just a moment. Leave some for us. Oh, greedy. Hey, what’s happened to you? l can’t feel anything. You have to wait a bit. You’ve never done it. Give yourself a chance. l can’t feel anything. l mean, uh game My nose is numb, but l can’t feel anything. l don’t feel a thing. Hey, where are you going? lt’s taking effect. l can’t feel anything. Well, anyway. So, what are we going to do, huh? l know. l want a photograph. Good idea. Who is it? Telegram. One moment. Coming. Be right there Pirouette. Jete. Port de bras. Here l come. Lift. lt’s for you. You have to leave right away. Yourfather is ill. Hold it. Perfect. Hey. What are you doing? Nothing. Wearing yourfather’s coat. What are you doing in my father’s study? And with my father’s gun, hmm? l’m keeping it. Oh, go ahead. lt doesn’t matter. He doesn’t need it. How did he die? ln the cow shed. He said, uh, “My legs are weak, as if l were dreaming.” He didn’t suffer at all. Hmm. The cow shed, huh? lt seems to run in the family. You’ve been away for a month. There are a lot ofthings you don’t know. Send Attila away. There’s still time. Fire him at once. Today. Huh? No, it wouldn’t do any good. He’s a fascist, a killer! Kick him out. lt will make an impression. Not now. Mussolini’s won. ltaly’s really changed.