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the reception is over. lt’s beginning to rain, and it’s getting dark, and l think everyone should leave now. Look at the state Olmo’s in. Why didn’t you stop them? What do you mean, the state Olmo’s in? What about the state Patrizio was in? Olmo’s innocent! l told you, l was with him! l know you were with him! You’re becoming like them. Worse. No! Ottavio, no! Don’t go away. No, stay. l’m sorry, Ada. l’ll never set foot here again. No! All right, another one. Come on. Let’s pull him out. Get him on his back. Hold him, now. Hey, Olmo, let him work. Let him work. That’s got him. Papa! Papa! What a hand, huh? Exact. Two squares, anytime. Nobody can kill pigs as good as my papa. Watch out, Olmo. We sawAttila, and he said, to slaughter our hogs, we’re a lot better off ifwe find someone else. He said you took on this work so you’d be free to go to each house and preach revolution, family by family. How is a man to live if he can’t work? LikeAttila. He feeds on evil. Stella. Stella. Stella, we need more water. Here’s some water. There’s more hot water. You’re Olmo! You don’t recognize me. There was an amnesty. They let me go. l’ve been walking for days. You came back? l walk and l walk and l walk. Can’t stop. Then why did you have to mix in that day? You were down on the ground. They were all on top ofyou. They were beating you to death. All those years in jail for nothing. ln jail, in a barn, under a tree, what’s the difference? Stop it! Stop it! You know what they’ll do. You keep singing that song, they’ll break your heads, that’s what. The fascists will put you in jail if you make jokes about Mussolini. l didn’t kill the boy. You didn’t kill the boy. lt was one of those men with the black shirts on. Who? l saw him hide the body in the cave. Who was it? lt’s hard to say. ln black shirts, all killers look the same. l walk and l walk and l walk. Can’t stop. Where is socialism? When you get what you want, you want more, like animals that eat because they can’t stop. The padrone can’t stop. You become a padrone, you can’t stop.