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  Governor of Poker 2 You know, I’m just gonna… I’m gonna take this box right here. He’s so polite.  That’s a nice plain gift, isn’t it? All right, here we go. Let’s get another one here, let’s see what we got. Ooh. Mysterious. Governor of Poker 2  Come on up, Leticia.  Well? Open it. Why don’t you go put it in the car? We’ll open it up when we get home.  No.  No. You gotta open it here. Gotta see what’s inside the box.  Yeah, come on, open it. Mike Smith here? Keep this moving, folks. Remember, we still have  speeches. Play Game, that’s him. What is it, a photograph? Yeah. Yeah.  Well, let’s see it. No, no, it’s an inside joke. It’s private. Ooh. Nice. All right, yeah, we know about that. We’ve taken some private photographs. We could trade up. Let your minds run wild with that. Is that the one you brought? What about this rehearsal dinner? Can you imagine what the wedding’s gonna be like? Astounding Science Fiction. “Day of the Moron”? Yeah. My dad collects comics. What else does he collect? Well, he has a bunch of Mars stuff in the basement. You wanna see? Yeah. Come on. What’s your dad have to do with the viking? He helped design the camera. They designed it so that it photographs  degrees. It scans the image one line at a time. Takes about five minutes to complete one revolution. How do they get the images from Mars back to Earth? Governor of Poker 2 transmissions. They figured out a way to interpret the data and then print it out on film. How long does it take to transmit the signal? About two hours. The signal travels  million miles in about five minutes. They tested it out last year in Colorado. Look, I don’t think that we should say anything to my father, okay? Let’s see how that new foot works on the dance floor. Come on. “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. ” Play Game Governor of Poker 2 third law. My dad knows him. Play Game, that was a wonderful thing you did for Norma. I don’t know what she’d do without you. I don’t know what I’d do without her. Really, I don’t.  That was the perfect gift.  Thank you. Thank you. It’s a really nice party, Dick.  Yeah.  Congratulations.  And I’m not paying for it.  You’re not paying? No. Well, how did you work that out? No, no, no. Hey, listen, you think you could run a license plate for me? This is a black sedan. You think you could find out who owns it? Yeah, sure. What’s going on? It’s just someone hanging around the house, you know.  It’s probably nothing, just wanna be safe.  Yeah. It’s worth checking. What’s the deal with this kid? He flashed me the peace sign.  He’s one of your students, isn’t he?  Norma didn’t tell you? No, she didn’t. What’s…? Well, he humiliated her in front of the entire class. He made fun of her foot. Oh. You’ve got a bloody nose. Thank you. Is there something I can get for you? Well, you said that I had a phone call. Oh. Yes. Right here. Hello? Play Game, hello. It’s New Games. I see your husband has contacted the police about my vehicle. I have quite a few employees. Listen, we don’t want anyone to get hurt. Well, if you didn’t want anyone to get hurt, you shouldn’t have pushed the button. We don’t want any more trouble, okay? I’m afraid trouble has found you, Play Game. There are always consequences. The test will continue until the button unit is reprogrammed. Okay, what are we supposed to do now? Listen to your conscience. Do what it tells you. Enjoy the party. What did you say to my wife? You wanna tell me what you said to my wife? Is that funny to you? Is that funny? Making fun of someone’s disfigurement’s funny to you? Is that funny to you? No, Mr. Lewis. It’s not funny, it’s tragic. Oh, Play Game. Are you okay, son? Mmhm. Thank you. Dana. We’re back. Okay.  Do you have a ride home?  No. Okay, Play Game can take you.  Okay.  Here you go.  Thanks.  Thank you. So where am I taking you? There’s a motel off I, the Galaxy Motor Lodge. You’re staying in a motel? Yeah. My parents bought a new house, but it’s not ready yet. You’ve got blood on your hands.  What do you mean by that?  Your hands. Are those blood stains? Yeah, I got into a fight tonight. Embarrassed everyone and ruined the whole party.