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Get down! Get down! Hurry! Hurry! Get down, get down! Left turn. Forward. Close formation! Double up column! Aranzini. Now the royal guards can take care of providing a nice harvest holiday for them. Unsheathe sabers! Let’s get some sticks! Come on, we have to fight them! Let’s go! Let’s go! Now is the time. We’ll show them. You’ll have to kill us all! You won’t pass here! Go, men, go on! Teach them a lesson! Tell them to go find their own property to huddle on! The property is inviolable! Halt! Squad, halt! Go on back! Move out! Move out! Ha! Congratulations. Afraid of peasants? You’re to protect us? What a joke! Religious cowards! You’re a disgrace! l’ll drive you off myself! Stop it. Criminals! Bolsheviks! What are you doing? What are you doing, you fool? You’re starting a one-man war. Damn you! Go! Go on. Go on. You look fine. They must see you. No, l’m not dressed right. lt’s not the way to start. They must get to know you. Your time has come. This is your chance. Go on. We can’t do what the fascists did at Rivarolo. One of the reds there was murdered, and so now he’s their martyr, and they’re giving him a monument in the piazza. l say what we should do game Forget it, Pioppi. You don’t make deals when you’ve got all the trumps. They made a mistake at Rivarolo, let me tell you. They made only one martyr, that was their mistake. lt’s the same with my dog. lf you hit him once, nothing. Hit him again, still nothing. On the th crack, though, he does learn to obey with his tail between his legs. May l speak, please? Here, in church, they baptized us, they confirmed us. Here in church, we were married. And one day, they will carry us in through that door feet first. As late as possible, l hope. All of you know what the Crusades were. Do you know what the Crusades were? Young man, we’re discussing things here that concern you, too. You wanted me to come here, so at least leave me alone. The church. Yes, even the church, when it was necessary, clamped down hard on its enemies. Who are these Bolsheviks, anyway? Huh?