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Why are you talking to me in Arabic? I was ready to trust you! Screw other people, not me! I never want to see you again! Hi, it’s me. Hamid? Where are you? In Geneva. I have problems with the police because of Algeria. I have to leave. Where are you gonna go? Want me to come along? No. So I won’t see you again? I’ll try to call, I just wanted to say bye. Thanks for all the things you’ve done for me. I’m sorry. You deserved better. I hope we’ll meet again some day. Please forgive me. Ciao. So? I was supposed to go to the police this morning but didn’t. They’re after you. They want to nab you. I know. They blocked one of my accounts. What did you tell them? Nothing. They wanna deport me. I have to leave Switzerland. Can you help? I spoke to Youssef on the phone. You left without saying bye. Did he tell you about the jars? I did that to save your bacon. I traveled a lot. I know the network. I won’t rat you out, even if you don’t help me. Calm down, Hamid. I’ll organize your trip to Marseille. Need a new passport? Yes, fast. Meet you at at the hammam. There’s a hotel near the hammam, if you want to rest. Why not. The owner is a friend. I’ll call him and then get back to you. By tonight, you’ll be in France. Yes, I’m here. Thanks. This way. We lost track of him because of you. You shook us off at AM and turned off your cell phone. We had an agreement. Yes, to bring him in for questioning, but you locked him up. You can’t tell us what to do. What about the bail story and the Russians, your men, hired to lure my brother in? That wasn’t part of the deal, and yet, I played along. Did you get any info? He didn’t trust me and he was right not to. I’m stopping everything. You didn’t obtain any info and you expect us to forget your icon trafficking? I did everything I could and more, much more! It’s gone too far. Not in these cases. If he weren’t dangerous, he would’ve showed up at AM. Why did your Russian cops wreck my girlfriend’s apartment? ‘Cause he’s dangerous? I don’t like your methods, Mr. Scherrer. You used me.