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I’m floating my resume to some big banks. How’s your brother, by the way? How are you floating your resume to big banks? I mean, you’re supposed to be the ones, you know, policing the big banks. Grow up, Jamie. There must be some kind of law against working for a financial institution right after you’ve been working in financial regulation, right? No. No. GASPS Hey! Dougie! Hey! Come over here. What are you doing at Caesars? He’s at Goldman. See you. We can do BBB level swaps at basis points. Maybe. You’re pricing the swaps like the bond is gonna collapse even though the bond value’s going up? Really? Sign of the times. JAMIE: What the hell is going on? Lewis, can you come in early tomorrow, please? I need to unload the AIG and Countrywide and Freddie Mac positions so that we can afford the premiums on the… SIGHS …core mortgage shorts on the swaps. No problem, Dr. Burry. Dr. Burry? Hmm? CLEARS THROAT If the investors withdraw, what’s going to happen here? Are we done? Honestly, I don’t know. STAMMERS The bonds aren’t going down. They won’t move. It’s possible that we are in a completely fraudulent system. Or… STAMMERS You’re wrong. Sure. It’s possible I’m wrong. I just don’t know how. I guess when someone’s wrong, they never… They never know how. LEWIS: See you in the morning. Yeah. Even Bear upped their prices. And they keep calling us Brownhole. You just don’t have the money or the reputation. Don’t take it personally. I don’t think I have the strip club in me tonight. I’m just gonna get some ginger ale and watch some pay per view. I’ll book us some flights out for the morning. CHARLIE: STAMMERS A deal. We need a deal, right? A deal. We need a deal we can afford. We need a deal that they’re not gonna refuse. So… What can we do? We can… The AA tranches. What if we bet against the AA tranches? Who’s not gonna take that bet? We know they say they’re % AAA rated, but in reality they’re more like %. Some of them are %! We also know that if the bottom tranches fail at over %, Great Avalanche Stunts