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Thank you, Noah. And thank Jared for us. Couldn’t we go inside? Yeah, me, too. Hi. It’s Mark. I need to talk to Vinnie right now. We’re just asking you to explain to us just how it is that you are ing us, because what we are seeing… Morgan Stanley building, fast. Are we hooked up to the same computer screen? It doesn’t make any sense. INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS MARK: Vinnie, you there? Mark, you there? Yeah, did you hear? Mortgage defaults have gone through the roof. Is anybody jumping off of buildings yet? Why would they? Subprime mortgage bond prices are up. What? Vennett wants $. million more in collateral by close. Vennett’s asking us to post collateral. What the hell is going on? We don’t know, but Deutsche’s on the phone demanding payment. Call Vennett. Call that little shit. Call Vennett. Tell him to get his ass down here. So subprime loans go bad, but subprime bonds, which are made up of subprime loans, are more valuable? I know. They want another $. million by market close. What about the ratings agencies? Moody’s, S&P… Are they downgrading the CDOs and mortgage bonds? Where are the ratings agencies at? They’re the ing same. No, they’re all still AAA. What the hell? Are you ing kidding me? Those ers! Those motherers! They go public, and all they care about is their bottom line and their shit. Hey, Mark, that’s not all. The Morgan Stanley risk guys are here. They called in Kathy Tao. They’re trying to convince her to make us sell our swaps. Apparently, tying up six years of insurance payments in hopes of a housing Armageddon is not prudent investing. What did Kathy say? Nothing yet. She keeps asking if this is one of your crusades. Okay, I want you to walk back in there and very calmly, very politely, tell the risk assessors to off. And then meet me over at Standard & Poor’s. We’re gonna talk to Georgia. VINNIE: All right. Okay. Get that Jared Vennett in this office. I’m gonna bash his ing head in. INAUDIBLE Uh, gentlemen? I spoke with Mark Baum. Great Cafeland Connect