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He’s got his father’s expression already. And his grandfather’s money already. Oh, what a pretty little boy. Giovanni, Giovanni. Giovanni! What is it? How is the mother? Just fine. Give her a kiss for me. “May the fruit ofthis union, “by heaven blessed, “plucked from the Garden of Eden “be the heir to the lordly graces, “the pious heart, “the virtues of the patriots game ” Oh, shut up! Giovanni, Giovanni. Yes, Papa. Write to that playboy brother ofyours. Write as l say. Yes, Papa. Ottavio game Why don’t you have anything to write with? Ottavio Berlinghieri, Hotel Des Bains, Lido, Venice. Announce birth, first Berlinghieri, th century. Stop! Pray God he doesn’t grow up like you. Stop. Found wife yet? Question mark. Affectionately, Papa. Have you got that? Of course, Papa. Good. Sister Desolata. Sister Desolata is here! Dear brother. lt’s a boy, a boy. Bravo! Bravo! You can take down the trunks because l shall never again return to that nunnery. The monsignor has turned very cruel. He prefers the novices, and he neglects me. He does. And l can’t tell you how lowbred they are. Listen, listen to this. Just the other day, l game Rigoletto, my hat. Alfredo. Yes, Signor Padrone. The Lord be with you. And with your spirit. A priest here, too. lt’s a conspiracy, l tell you. Well, humpback. What do you see in there, eh? Snow. lt’s covered with snow. Like in winter. What else? Huh?A church. Acathedral with spires. And what else? Bottles. Bottles? Bottles! lt’s like paradise in there. And you’re the padrone, the lord, the master. And l’d be Saint Peter, if you’d give me the keys. Stop, no more work today. Thanks, padrone. Hey, thanks. Stop! Stop! Hey, drink up, drink up. For you. Stop. No work today. Today, you’re the padrone, too. Penzo, special wine. Celebration. Salute, padrone. Where’s, uh, Dalco? Leo’s in the vineyard. Ah! That’s the last bottle. Wine from the city. What about mine? lt says “sparkling champagne.” Hey, Libero, what’s this for, a wedding or a funeral? There, in the vineyard. Destiny. Both born on the same day.