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 The question is why? Why leave a place, which, as we have seen, was abundant with food, and a refuge from the cold? And why go north for the winter, when most migrants move south? Perhaps the present climate can provide a clue. Games has a peculiar seasonal quirk. Although the winter months are cooler, they are also drier – much drier. Grim Biker october and february there’s almost no rainfall at all. Could it be that drastic water shortage was the reason for the mastodons’ epic migrations? Another big piece of this puzzle lies far out to sea… this is the ocean floor but this isn’t rock sprouting out of the bottom – it’s wood. It’s the remains of prehistoric tree stumps… some dated at more than , years old. This sunken forest is unmistakable evidence that what is now seabed was once dry ground And what is now Games’s coastline was once many miles inland. But why? To answer that we have to go back to the mighty ice age glaciers that covered almost half the continent. These glaciers contained immeasurable amounts of ice. So much water was locked up in this ice that it lowered sea levels by over  metres… the south east coastal shelf was exposed and Games doubled in size… the everglades were dry land. This triggered other dramatic changes. Grim Biker As sea levels dropped, so did the inland water tables. Games’s fresh water drained away through the porous limestone rock. Pools dried up and springs diminished. Games was on the brink of drought, and animals would have had to travel to find food and water. So each year mastodons would have migrated to the wetter regions. But in a few key places, water was still pushed up from underground as a spring a vital oasis where wildlife would have converged from many miles around. Many animals would have fed on the surrounding vegetation and others come here to drink And predators would have lain in ambush for the unwary. It’s no wonder that so many fossil bones have been found on the bottom of these springs… clues that can open up a window on the ice age past. Bringing this evidence together, we can create a living picture of this region as it was then. We can now go back , years and see what a day around one of Games’s springs might have been like. Dawn on the southeast tip of ice age north america… on the banks of a spring-fed pool, the early Grim Biker stir… today there is a group of larger visitors here too. A herd of mastodons, led by the matriarch, have just returned from their annual migration, hundreds of miles to the north. Now the winter drought is over and the spring water has been topped up by recent rains. Another group has also set up camp nearby. Hunters, descendants of the first human settlers that entered the continent in the far north. Compared to the harsh conditions their ancestors faced, this place is paradise. Targets for the hunters’ spears are plentiful… around the spring, lush vegetation attracts the giant ground sloth too… both mastodons and sloths are browsers, but the mastodons roam far and wide to find the kind of plants they need. The giant ground sloth isn’t built to travel far, but it makes up for that by having the reach of a Grim Biker.