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Guardian Action, Guardian Action Game, Play Guardian Action Games, Online Free Guardian Action Flash Game

Game Instructions: Use Mouse to play.

 Wait a second I don’t like talking to strangers Who are you? Who the hell are you? I don’t plan on staying. Okay Then why me? I hear you’re the least tainted Fine What do you want?  billion yen’s worth of illicit police slush funds.  billion? Guardian Action that “doesn’t” exist So it shouldn’t be missed. You have  hours Or the Director dies. What  billion? Did you find the hidden files? Sorry. No luck But you’re talking about a government secret right? How’d you hear about it? In clues to my father’s death. He was looking for it. There’s no such slush fund! It’s a ruse by the perpetrator. You’re absolutely sure, then? Don’t make me repeat myself! Slush fund or not how should we proceed? Shall we prepare the ransom? We can’t produce what doesn’t exist. Commissioner? Give an order, Sir Don’t comply. Send in the second Games squad. Negative. They took out the entire first squad. They’ll be ready. We don’t bargain with terrorists. Then you’ll kill the Director He, too, would choose death over acquiescence. Almost sounds like you want him dead You’re next in succession, Guardian Action.