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over barbed wire. You know that. But where he’s going, he won’t need his boots. He won’t need anything. And my boots hurt. They really hurt. Why should some damn orderly get his boots and not one of his friends. He’s right, Paul. I know. Very good, Kemmerich. Very good, Kemmerich. They’ve amputated my leg. Could be worse. Wegler lost his right arm, which is very much worse. Besides, you’re going home. Do you think so? Of course. Do you think so? Once you get over the operation. I don’t think so. Don’t talk nonsense. I wanted to be a forester once. You will. They make wonderful artificial limbs now Games Attach them right to the muscle. You can do anything. If you find my watch, send it home. You’ll go to a convalescent home. Maybe the one in Klosterberg. Remember how we hiked up there? Remember the poplars? The stream full of fish? Franz, Franz.. When I come back, we go up to the mountains again. You can name all the trees for me. Tell me all about them. Franz, nothing will change. We’d be together again. Franz. Franz. Give.. Müller.. my.. boots. Doctor? Doctor? Where’s the doctor? Doctor! Doctor! Where’s the doctor? Doctor? Doctor! Quickly, Franz Kemmerich is dying. Which one’s that? Bed , amputated leg. How should I know that? I’ve amputated five legs today. You see to it. One operation after another since five o’clock this morning. You know today alone there have been sixteen deaths, yours will be the seventeenth. There’ll probably be twenty altogether. We must take him away at once. We need the bed. They’re lying on the floor outside. Don’t forget! Change your socks every day! Oh Mother! Paul. Yes, Mrs Kemmerich? Paul, please, can we speak for a minute? I want you to promise me something. What, Mrs Kemmerich? Look after Franz. Of course.. He looks up to you. He’ll do anything you ask, you know? Make him stay away from danger. You know how reckless he is. I’ll make sure he behaves himself. God bless you both. Maria, Maria. Look after your brother. I’ll see you soon. Take care. Bye-bye, Mother, bye-bye. Right, come on, boys. Wake up! Let’s go. Hey, wake up there. Come on. Come on, come on, Come on! It’s beautiful here. Come on. Let’s go. Wake up. Food. Come on. Oh, Kat. I don’t know how you do it. Next time you come with me, I’ll show you how to find food. When I’m not here, it’ll come in handy. What? You’ll always be here. Ah, up here ‘always’ isn’t a long time. Anyway, you’d better learn so you won’t go hungry. You pay attention to the teacher. He’s coming. He’s coming. What did he want? Doesn’t matter. We’re free. Time for work, for duty. You will enlist, the entire class. Of course. Behm, you too. Maybe I can’t. My eyes. They will. But not tonight. Tonight we get drunk. Iron Youth. Iron Youth. To Max’s! ♪ We’ll be the guardians of the Rhine ♪ O Fatherland beloved Well, well, young men, off to join the army? Well, so am I, I’ve been called up Games You, Himmelstoss? I am in the reserve. Himmelstoss is in the reserve. I’m going on active duty Games Himmelstoss on active duty! Hip, hip, hooray! You fine young