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  Hey? Smooched? So that’s what happened so many times before? That was Choko There’s so much I want to tell you. I wouldn’t know where to start. Same here Kohei. Play Games too,. Love as ever Is that right. Tonight, we’ll be talking a lot Choko I’m counting on you Games No problem. Miko was Games’s first, right?. A cat? Your first love? That’s right. It’s not like that. When the elementary school was haunted Play Games was there too? Kohei was scared Today was such a happy celebration Boss It seems I’ll be joining you soon It seems this would be the most opportune time. to say our goodbyes Just like greetings when one is moving home Look here.  the last mission I’ll fulfill. . as a ghost. See you later Have a good day Well Where should I start? Get it There it is Great. Good morning Long time no see.