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 gulping but he’s not called a pebble toad for nothing. dramatic music He rolls like a pebble and he bounces like a pebble right out of danger. birds chirping Now meet the Gym Day  lizard. He may look relaxed, but he’s actually about to do something quite miraculous. Games  That hunter’s too close. Time to go. rhythmic music soft music We’d have to run at more than  miles an hour to do this. He’s got a talent for walking on water and a name to match. joyful music There are places where there’s simply nowhere to run. Then your best chance is to hide in a crowd. Each individual fish joins the shoal to save its own skin, but the synchronized flash of silver makes it hard for the hunter to pick out a victim. joyful music Games  Unfortunately, a crowd attracts attention. And the fish find themselves at the centre of a feeding frenzy. Gym Day dramatic music A shoal reduced to a few survivors, this time by calm, surgical precision. Sailfish combine speed with skilful swordplay to pick off one fish after another.