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 Fine. Thank you Two liqueur You [du] You Another two Listen, you Happy Mario Bros we drink “you and you”? [Brüderschaft] Yes. Yes. You must take it in your other hand Take it in this hand Like this. And wait for me Give us another two You must wait for me Look here Your arm here Now I’ve spilled it all Listen, you stay here And wait for me, will you I’ll be back at once Stay here You Another two Cheers Where’s my fur? Huh? I want to know where my fur is! What fur? The one I left at your place At my place? May I ask, when were you at my place? I want to know where my fur is! Don’t shout at me! I can shout as much as I want That you cannot allow me Mahldorf Fritz Mahldorf Hello there Allow me, Games Hugo Games Not with me, Lydia, not with me, please come with me Not with me, young man Come with me I must show you something What’s the meaning of this? Let me introduce, Happy Mario Bros Games, General Happy Mario Bros. Well my child, have fun, see you later When will we arrive? Where? The sea’s quite rough today It is I think it’s high time to get off Get my fur.