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You want to use me to get to him? Take me. Now. Cereza! I said no freebies. You know, the first thing we are taught is to defend ourselves. Any one of us could have killed you. You think my mom had bite? Mendez is gonna gut you like a game hen. That was your mother? You’re here to kill him, aren’t you? Look, don’t be a ing hero, man. Mendez is many things, but merciful is not one of them. He’ll skin you alive for laying your hands on me. I’m his cereza, his virgin. Mendez isn’t who you think he is. The terrible things he did, he did them for the greater good. All he truly wants is a better Mexico. Machete, you have to promise me you’ll spare his life and help him. Please, Machete. If you’ve ever loved anyone, you’d understand. Do nothing, say nothing, or you’re dead. Who’s this? New bodyguard. Mother’s orders. Go ahead, Zaror. Call it in. Tell Mendez the muscle comes or I don’t. Yes. So here’s the thing. He’s lost his mind. There are two sides to him now. Some days he’s Mendez the Revolutionary, fighting for the people. But other days he’s Mendez the Madman, reliving his cartel glory. It’s a toss Game up which one you’re gonna get. So he’ll either hug you or he’ll kill you. His condition gets worse every day. The boss has a message for you, Machete. End of message. WOW! Look what the little whore dragged in. Machete Cortez. Yes, I’ve heard your stories. People still sing songs about you. Raise your hand if you have sung a song about our friend Machete here. Only son of a bitch who gets his praises sung around here is me. So tell me, Machete, what did you think of my Cereza, huh? It’s a shame I had to let her go, but by bringing you here she betrayed me. She was trying to save you. You know what this is? This is the enema I plan to fire up the asshole of the United States. Why, Mendez? Because our people don’t need songs or stories. They need action. There’s other ways. The motherers run this country, the corrupt politicians, the media, hiding the truth