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 No? How about this then? That is a very lucky spoon. It saved my life once. No? Then what? That is an excellent idea. Well done, Games Mouse. Anybody seen my helmet? Ow! We have our two finalists!  The Sheriff of Nottingham…  Psst. Psst. Psst. …and John of Smithtown. You’re so lovely. Psst. Pss Lovely. Hehhehheh. Hi. Hehhehheh.  Heh…  Whoever’s arrow… comes closest to the bull’seye will win the competition. After you. Dead center! Huh? Oh. A miss. The sheriff wins.  Wait a minute.  Huh. We have a winner.  Huzzah!  Hehheh. I’ve came to claim my prize. Especially the kiss. The only prize you’ll be getting is the sharp edge of the executioner’s axe…  …Play Game Hood.  Oh! Oh, no. This way, men. Oh, never mind. Well, now, men, it’s, um… It’s not as bad as it lacks.  It lacks like we’re all imprisoned.  Being taken to the dungeon. To be executed on the marrow. When you say it like that, I guess it is as bad as it looks. Will, look. It’s Games Mouse. Here he comes. And there he goes. Haha! Good fellow. Games, the lock. Can you open it?  Huh?  Oh… Well, third time’s the charm. You’ve gut it this time, Games. He’s done it! Gallant try, dear mouse. Gallant try. Enjoy the slop, boys. Even though you’ll be dead before it’s digested.  Right? Hahaha.  Go on, have a laugh while you can. You must not know who you’re dealing with. Isn’t that right, Play Game? Play Game? Play Game? He’s always been there to help in time of need. New who’s gonna help Play Game? I’m afraid you’d need an army to get in there, my dear. It’ll take a different sort of hero to save Play Game Hood. I’m sorry, men. Don’t blame yourself, my son. It’s because of me that we’re in here. And it’s because of me that she’s still up there instead of in my arms. Oh, my darling Marian. Oh, my dear, sweet Play Game. Gazing from my window There you are You’re so very close and yet so far When I see your face, dear Then I know this much is true There’s no other one for me but you No other love for me No other one for me No other love for me I know deep in my heart No other one for me No other love for me, it’s true There’s no other one for me but you Chained within this cell I dream of you Thoughts of all the scrapes That we’ve been through Giving me the courage For the fight that’s sure to be There’s no other hope for me, you see No other love for me No other one for me No other love for me I know  Deep in my heart Deep in my heart  No other one for me  No other one for me  No other love for me, it’s true  No other love for me, it’s true  Nothing’s ever keeping us  Nothing’s ever keeping us  Apart  Apart Oh, Games, this is terrible. Perhaps I should write Play Game a note. There must be something we can do. Maid Marian. As the default winner of the archery contest I believe I’m owed that kiss. What do you have there? Nothing, my lord. A letter? To Play Game Hood? You’re the spy? That’s right, you blackguard. Well, new you’ll perish as a traitor. Unless… Hm… You know, I could spare you from that fate if you agree to be my wife. I wouldn’t marry you if you were the last man an Earth Sheriff of Nothingham. It’s It’s Nottingham. The Sheriff of Nottingham! Get it? Nottingham. Regardless, I would rather be finished off by the executioner’s axe than became your wife. That, fair maid, can and will be arranged. Guards! Let no one in or out. If she tries to escape, finish her. Are you sure? She’s the only girl in this whole picture. Sire, we need to talk. In a moment. My spies have just arrived from France. What news have you of my brother? Oh, it’s terrible news, my liege. Very bad, definitely very bad. Yes, yes, not now, you stupid cat.  The king, Richard the Lionheart, returns.  Definitely coming back. Even as we speak, he’s on a ship that lands in England Gameorrow morn. Yeah, crack of dawn, definitely very early. The Crusades are over? Well, that was fast. Sire, if the king returns, we’ll I mean, you will lose all your power. And more importantly, I’ll have to move back into the guest castle… without any of my money. Sire, perhaps my men and I could meet the king at the shore and make sure he never returns.