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  The amount of lost sunshine hitting the planet right now is beyond belief. If people look up the term “global dimming,” they will see that fully % of the sun’s rays that reached the planet several decades ago are no longer reaching the planet. I mean, that’s a profound change that few people even know is occurring. And you have very visible occurrences in the sky from the aircraft, a very visible sun blocking, expanding, dingy trails that are exactly what geoengineering patents describe. Heavy aluminum–I’m talking, like, in the s and s, up to ,, ,, ,– that’s still common. Uh, barium, strontium, to, um, oh, somewhere  or  to, again, about , or ,. Same for both barium and strontium. Where is this mountain of metal coming from? Why is asthma, A.D.D., Alzheimer’s, autism– all elements related in many studies to aluminum or particulate inhalation– why are these el– why are these ailments going off the charts with no apparent explanation? Why has respiratory mortality in the continental United States gone from eighth on the list to third in six years?