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 I want you to feel affection and act before you have time to think. Just cable and tell me you agree. I’ve just asked my wife for a divorce. Your sister… Was she really out? I told you. I thought perhaps she sent you back so that you could meet New Games. He’s very young. That’s not so important. Good news. They printed your story. I got a cable from Stemins. This got me a month’s reprieve. Page ten. “French Break Communist Siege.” They didn’t use much, did they? Nothing here about the villagers that were killed. What did the French papers say? Headlines blame it on the communists of course. Well, a month is a month. What else can you tell me about this General Thé? He’s set himself up against both the French and the communists. Do you think he’d give me an interview if I went up there? Difficult to say. Perhaps if he thought he could get his message across. The problem would be getting it past the censor. No, the real problem would be to get close to the Cambodian border and back before dark. The communists control that road at night.