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Heroic war Though That’s Rare. You Have To Have Friends Game And Other Times, You’ve Game You Would Find Alternatives. Am I Keeping You From Work? It’s Just That I Have An Early Appointment. Ah Game So Are You Interested? We Will Talk. I Game I Will Game I Think So. We’ll Talk And We’ll Let You Know. Okay Game Well, By Tomorrow? I Think So. Does That Hurt? A Bit. What I’m Doing Is Freezing Them. It Should Kill The Warts After A Few Applications. Would They Spread? It’s Difficult To Say. I Touch Them All Day, I’ve Never Had One. I Suppose I’m Immune. Warts Are Very Mysterious. What Happens If You Just Leave Them? They Grow. They May Spread. I’ve Had People In Here With Warts Covering Their Entire Sole. It Can Get Complicated. Do You Recognize Me? Of Course. Ah Game Did That Hurt? These Were Taken By A Friend. This Is Your Bedroom? Yeah. These Don’t Show Too Much Of The Background. How Are You Two Holding Up? All Right. Is This Okay? It’s Important To Be Staying Where You Feel Comfortable. Because You May Not Feel It, But You’re In A State Of Shock. I Feel It. To Noah! For The Guidance And Tremendous Care He’s Given Us In This Time Of Need. To Noah! It Doesn’t Always Work This Way. What Do You Mean? That The Claim Comes Through. Especially In A Situation As Complicated As Yours. It Did And We’re Celebrating! Sometimes, People Are Game Are Surprised By Their Policies. They’re Not Covered For What They Thought. I’m Stuck In The Middle. I Didn’t Sell Them The Insurance, I’m Just There When They Need It Game To Adjust The Claim. What Are You Saying, Noah? I’m Saying That Sometimes I Feel That I Come Off As The Bad Guy Because Some Person Game The Person Who Sold You The Policy Jerked You Around! I’m Just There To Clean Up The Mess. You Cleaned Up The Mess In Our Case? Yes, I Cleaned It Up. Noah Game You Can’t Go Around Carrying The Weight Of The World On Your Shoulders! It’s Just A Job! These People’s Lives Game People Will Always Have Their Lives! Come On, Boys Game We’re Supposed To Be Celebrating!