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  You start out by being promiscuous and end up like your grandfather faithful to one woman. I know I’m not essential to Phuong. But believe me when I tell you that if I were to lose her for me… it would be the beginning of death. Somebody’s had it. There are  or  of these towers between here and Saigon. They only hit one or two a night so our odds aren’t too bad. So what do you think they’d do if the communists attacked? These two? They’d fire a shot and run. Why should they die for us? Or the French. What’s that? I thought I saw something move. Christ, they’re here! As far as I can make out he told them to give us up or else. Stop! Give me that! Come on, Games. What is it? I think I’ve twisted my ankle. I’m gonna head up the road to the next watchtower. See if I can find a French patrol. Sit tight, OK? I’ll be back. May I introduce myself? Games Online Game. I found a patrol. If I had died… you could have had her. And I think you should inform your sources that General Thé has a lot more men than the hundred of their count. He’s a story we should take seriously.