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 If you want to send you know, cold into the Midwest, you buy at pipeline capacity, you buy up options on heating and cooling degree days. You buy derivatives off of– off of rainfall. There are mechanisms that you can make hundreds of billions of dollars annually and defray a huge chunk of the cost of this just on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, playing with derivatives in the weather market. Weather derivatives are basically– you’re betting that there’s gonna be a weather disaster, and you’re betting that it’s going to occur within a particular timeframe in a particular location, and then, you know, the money that you put up basically is like a bet. It’s like a wager saying that, uh, this incident’s gonna happen here. And then, when it does happen, there’s a big payoff. And that big payoff is something that motivates people to continue to participate in this kind of thing and maybe even feed the very process that’s causing the bad weather to happen, particularly if there’s a connection between the people that are seeding the clouds and the people that are making investments.