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 There have been studies outside of the United States showing that genetically modified seeds, the plants that come from them, are extremely harmful to humans and other life on this planet. Uh, when I started farming, I produce % my crops. But in the last four years, I’ve been declined to %, % if I took into later crop, because I’ve been lost everything. And that’s why I start moving all different crop, so I can cover the loss. Well, my food production has declined at least by % in the last, I don’t know, ten years. I’ve noticed banana stalks are smaller, and certainly the tomatoes– I’m hardly getting any. I use to get bushels of tomatoes, and now I can barely get a bowl. My concern–it can be, you know. It’s possible if they go- we go and run out of business if they continue doing that. They really need to stop they’re doing. That’s all I believe, because we cannot change the system, you know, the Mother Nature. We have to keep going the way it is. It’s not possible. On the other hand, the, you know, heat stress is going to be one of the things, Hexagonator Game