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It’s number five in the top . How cautious can you get? Look! Look at my systematic planning on the Dixie Collins LP. She hasn’t been seen here for years, and already we have pre-sold ,! Good for you. But how does it help us? We gotta have action! Shh! Quietly. As a young ulcer man, you should take things quietly. Find a new gimmick and make a second record. You should pardon the suggestion. But with a property as hot as Bongo, I can go anywhere. Sure, you can go to Nixa, Philips, even HMV, after the second record. Remember, I have an option. Please. If you don’t want the boy, release us. Let us make a little loot. We consumed that few pounds of nicotine and salt beef a long time ago. My boy, business is a very unfair thing. That’s why I’m going to give you a small percentage on your third record. But we haven’t made our second record yet! First, we make a contract for the third, and then we discuss the second. I see. So, you do want the boy? You can be frank with me, Mr Mayer. The boy can be a first-class property with Garrick direction. Understand? Yes? You car’s here, Mr Mayer, and the Dixie Collins press reception is in half an hour. Thank you, miss. Details, we’ll discuss later. Now, I have to go to the Dorchester. You know how demanding a real star can be, even if she isn’t twinkling too brightly at the moment. I know I can trust you to give Bongo and me a fair deal, Mr Mayer. You cannot! But what alternative do you have? Smoking, smoking! What kind of a hobby is smoking? You need a bint! I keep telling you. ‘Bint is the best nerve tonic there is. I personally recommend it.’ Signed Beast. Can’t you get off it? Not since I was . Sort of takes you by the throat, Bongo. Got no time for all that jazz. Besides, I got other problems. Wish I had other problems. Hi, guv. So, what new gimmick have you spawned? It’s another Bongo in the moronic so far. ‘When I beat my chick with a solid rock.’ Look, get with it, Beast. Mayer wants something different! So, why can’t this be different? We could put some more echo on