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 Hitstick 3 out from under the nasal bone that’s almost impossible to fix. other than by. masking it with an online graft cartilage. will do that. try to make that area. flap which isn’t too done. are nicer poor so now we have just a little bit of. projection here. on the september in the midline will go back intranasal intake up just a few. little slivers in this area. to defined the super tipper area. right here just a little bit more so that you have. they strayed or some. which defines it as a unit. a break up into the tube. defining that. single unit and then having to break going from the tube. down into the collier mela. all these units makeup a smooth flow but each one has its own. individual character. will go ahead and turn that now. we’ll take our recess to retract once again. fifteen belied. so we welcome pursuit there’s really not much stronger maybe just so. little tiny bit of time. all condo in there. may give your way of your camera here upon drones. political some very small slivers of cartilage. to make this. flasks we can. c_-one taken out of there which is almost nothing. panel signed. chair crew cleaner. bubbles all shade just a tiny bit off of this. crucifying goal. decrease that. Hitstick 3 this is a place that lot of people get in trouble including myself. if you don’t. blower this angle enough. wanna. purdy mouth and nose settles. that you’ll end up having uh…. kind of the support of area stick up. annual kind of conflict tribute to polly b two point. you really have to take your time to make sure you’ve come this correctly. Hitstick 3 in relation to the tip so that you get a good super to a break. any fragment a card literature having here you have to be. good custodian and take all these fragments outlets they show up later. after the scan contraction. cause your problem. if you go ahead and get all these little fragments cartilage. out of the way. really have trained very small slivers of cartilage. if you look in there now you can see that the. upper level colleges on both sides are laying right up against the suffering. practically. lender realize they now be useful and. call into the upper level card which sometimes. when you’re rotate the tip up may become a little wong. relative to rest knows. team i go ahead and trim a little bit off of each side. remember the right in this area. on each side. is the nasal valve. they want to leave that support there as much as possible. for relative. physiology than those for me. function there. by making also the tunnels and the coastal tunnels. we’ve kept all the sme costa. down and here in tact. and only. taken off what we need to. min this because it can be pushed back up in there. with a little bit of white packing. and it will work. pocket intact. dorsal workers. pissing enclosed space. should you have to put a graft back in here for any reason you have a nice to. Hitstick 3 find pocket to work out. take that back out. started beckons but. nancy if we created. and of the super to break we wanted. performing camille looks like we’ve got a pretty much what we want. some kind of the oblique you’re right there.