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you’ve been warned. It’s a fine thing if a girl can’t look up a used car bargain. Hi. So, what’s high? Things have reached an all-time low. Now what’s happened? Exactly nothing. It’s a week since I signed Bongo to make a record, no record. A week since he opened at the Tom-Tom, no paragraphs. At least you got some money. Money? You call this money? Two pounds, seven shillings and nine pence and a life membership at the Tom-Tom. Money is useless. ls that all you’ve got left? At this rate, Bongo’s going to be a very old teenager before I can retire to the south of France. But the advanced singing lessons, Johnny. You promised. Never. Not since I was a boy scout. You said the next Games Sorry, doll, you’ll have to keep on stripping. At this rate, I’m gonna be a very old stripper before I can retire to the south of France. Oh, that’s the brave little artiste. What’s for lunch? Guess. Same as I’ve been guessing for the last , Thursdays, spaghetti. It’s special today, though. You mean it’s not overcooked? Remember what day it is? Black Thursday. It’s our anniversary. Congratulations. Of what? Two years ago, today, you bought me my first salt beef sandwich. Why do women always want to remember such things? Well, they do. Why, I don’t know. Now, look, Maisie doll, with all my money, do we have to eat off newspapers? They’re the lunch edition. I thought they’d give you an appetite. Look. That, with meatballs and the spaghetti, is my anniversary present to you. Timber! How hungry are you? ‘Cosmorama presents Games ‘ Oh, it’s just like I thought. Just like you thought? Yeah, that’s why I told him to hog that camera. You didn’t know they’d plaster the newspapers with his face. ‘Cosmorama presents Teenage Rebellion, BBC Television. ‘Saturday Night. :.’ Well, oh, I didn’t know for sure, but I knew! I knew! That’s one thing I’ve got against you, Johnny Jackson. In all the two years you’ve been my sole agent, you’ll never admit you don’t know Games Still out of order! Why do I pay for it? It’s out of order because you don’t. Oh.