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Doesn’t that please you? What do you mean? Haven’t you bought news of my husband? Don Mariano told me the other day: “If I know something, I’ll inform you” Ah, Don Mariano Game and what else did he tell you? Not to worry Game So don’t worry. In that case, why did you come? Out of curiousity. Ah! Come here beautiful. I have something for you, come! Come on, go outside to play, eh! Bye Game Not too far! [Sigh] You’ve ruined my life Rosa. All those times that you passed in front of my house or when I’d meet you and you’d look at me with those eyes. Y’know Rosa? Don’t be a fool, I’ve never once thought about you. That’s what you say! Now that you’ve had your drink, you can go. What a light dress you’ve got on Game Your hand Game Your hand! What did you think? You think you can do that if I don’t want it? Ah, take a walk! You’ll just have to make do with your whore of a wife! Don’t touch me with those hands they make me sick! Think you can molest a woman?! Get out! Rosa, what’s the matter? You going to cry now? So you came here just to make yourself comfortable. And you’re not afraid? You’re not afraid that my husband will find out? Why aren’t you afraid? Why? You must tell me why! Ehh! These Sicilian women! Always so dramatic! I want to move to Milan! A breath of fresh air! Rosa, if you come with me, I’ll separate from my wife, eh? Will you come? Game No? Cheerio then! What’re you all dong standing around?! Is this how you earn the money that I pay you? Ah, Captain! Game May I offer you something? A beer? Or some orangeade if you want? Mr Pizzuco, you must come with us. You’re under arrest. Under arrest? If they’ve killed someone between and (o’clock) I can tell you that I was at the house of a woman whose name I won’t mention Game unless it’s absolutely necessary. Come on, give me your wrists. Sure, wait Game just wait! Game You want to resist? What’s the rush? That I’m going to run away? Control yourself, Pizzuco! Bravo, congratulations!