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Emotion is so apt to cloud the brain, isn’t it? I intended to kill you with this, Johnny. I thought it amusing to have one of my little friends kill the other. But now, it won’t do, because I have to kill Gilda too. I told you I’d be looking Game Ah! Gilda. Better get out of here, Uncle Pio, quick! You know, I’m a great cop, Mr. Farrel. I’m certainly a pushover for a love story. I know the combination of the safe, and I don’t know where the safe is. The safe, where is it? It’s in his room on the wall, back of the desk. Thanks. Say, haven’t I seen that cane somewhere before? You have. You shouldn’t leave things like that lying around where I can get my hands on them. He’s lying, like the gentleman I always said he was. It was I Game Keep your mouth shut! You two can quit being noble anytime you like, you know. Because a man can only die once. And Mundson committed suicide three months ago. Besides, didn’t you ever hear of a thing called justifiable homicide? Johnny, let’s go home. Let’s go home.No alcohol! His parents say he can’t tolerate it. Give me one example of successful Norwegian integration without alcohol? Puh! He just needs to flash his platinum card. He’s got money? Are you kidding? His family owns the biggest illegal DVDfactory in China! D’you know how big China is? Yeah! His rags are pretty rich, let’s put it that way! Reheheally! Cheers, then, Yao Ming! Kampai! Good day? That’s Japanese, Robert. This is supposed to be our grad celebration? A sixpack in Ødvåg town centre? Got a better suggestion? Seriously? Apart from marriage and murder, I’m game for anything. Apart from murder, I’m game for anything. I’m game for anything! I’m sure he came from a party! You’re listening to Radio Ødvåg, all hits, no fillers! international DJs, two nights, one graduates’ party. In Stavanger, all your graduation dreams will be fulfilled. On May and , the graduates’ festival will be rewritten, by you! Look! Wow! Yes! Doesn’t anybody want to go to the festival? But the cash box is stolen!