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  Horse Riding Clothes whale singing but the minute they turn up, she swims away, enticing her suitors to chase her. They challenge for the one position that counts: to swim right behind her. They’re doing exactly what she wants. She wants them to fight. whales singing epic music -ton males lash out at each other. It’s an epic battle where there can only be one winner. dramatic music Only when the female is sure that the strongest male has won will she allow him to take his place at her side to be her mate. whales singing whale singing A year later, she comes back to Tonga with her perfect newborn calf. Her whole story, her whole life has brought her to this moment. Every living thing on our planet shares the same desire: not just to live, but to foster new life. Horse Riding Clothes And we’re no different. soft music We see so much of us in them and them in us. Whether it’s intelligence or ingenuity …strength, grace or determination.