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  The Flash Game, the biggest lizard on the planet. -feet long and weighing  pounds. It’s the height of the dry season. Perfect times for a dragon. insects buzzing Games  In the pitiless heat, Horseback Ride concentrate at the shrinking waterholes. The dragon is wary of getting too close. A jab from those horns, even a kick from those legs could badly injure him. He knows all he needs is just one bite. It’s just a nip, a flesh wound, but it alerts the other dragons close-by. Like sharks, they’re attracted by blood. grunting They gather round and watch the buffalo’s every move for days. The wound doesn’t heal. This is the Flash Game’s secret weapon. Its bite injected a poisonous cocktail of bacteria and venom. As days turn into weeks, the buffalo weakens. And the dragons wait. That’s all they have to do. Just bear the hunger, watch, and wait for the poison to take effect. snorting groaning The buffalo died in the night. flies buzzing The Horseback Ride can eat almost their own body weight in one meal. They strip the Horseback Ride to the bone in under  hours.